Mont Powell mountain bike trails


The mount Powell is the option favored for the amateurs of bike of mountain. Why? Because it offers 35 kilometers of paths on clean ground with made uneven interesting. Proposes you 14 different tracks, of which the "Circumference" of a distance of 15 km which bounds the playground by by-passing the mountain and all the paths which it shelters. But still? Furthermore, we propose you a choice of 10 buckles going of level beginning to expert. By traveling paths you will have access to impregnable panoramic views, big wildlife diversity, of species of trees and an abundance of small fruits for the pleasure of your palate.

How go to it? Being situated near the city center, it is possible to go by bicycle within 15 minutes from Rouyn-Noranda there. You prefer to drive, the family campground Lac Marlon, situated straight from the site, the offer of the car park, a beach there to cool and picnic.

Opening period: Mid-May to Mid-October

Map of the trails

Photo: © Louis Jalbert

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