Le Gisement Bistro-Chocolaterie


 The Gisement is above all chocolate, the tasting of chocolate in all its forms! Chocolate is worked on and combined with different products to enrich the experience, developing the art of matching with beer or port. Hot chocolates are distinguished by their originality and variety. Made from 50gr of quality chocolate and ground spices, the hot chocolates of the Gisement are freshly infused.

In addition, Le Gisement offers you several beverages, alcoholic or not, hot or cold, that appeal to an ever-growing clientele. A choice of meals, mainly sandwiches and salads, satisfies the hollow appetites. For the gourmands, an interesting selection of desserts and chocolate fondues is available. The menu is completed with coffees of all kinds, a wide variety of teas, several microbreweries beers in bottles and kegs, various choices of iced teas, iced coffees, smoothies, and an innovative selection of sangrias. The Deposit integrates a maximum of regional products into its menu.


Features :

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