26 Lettres à danser

October 18 ,2019


Dance - Young audience

Friday, October 18th, 7 pm
Admission: $ 13 (adult) - $ 7 (child)
On sale: Tuesday, August 27, 9 am

26 Lettres à danser offers a journey to the heart of letters and words. Solicited physically and intellectually, the young spectator is part of this kaleidoscope, full of color and textured dance . Through this playful and daring creation, the choreographer Hélène Langevin invites the child to live a unique experience: that of not only seeing a manifestation of living art, but also to participate in the thread of the paintings - a nesting of miniatures to undisciplined order. The A, of course, opens the ball and the Z is the last to bow to it; between the two, the letters of her alphabet suit the audience to a plurality of words, meaning, emotions and tones. 26 Lettres à danser is a resolutely contemporary poetic work that decomposes the children's show and shakes up theatrical conventions.
4 years and over

Tickets available here

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