Patrick Groulx

October 12 ,2019


Comedy show 
Saturday, October 12, 8 pm

Admission: $ 35 (all)
On sale: Friday, June 21, 9 am

After an absence of nearly six years on the stage of theThéâtre du cuivre, Patrick Groulx comes back in great shape with his head full of ideas as he occupies the stage like never before with his new show called Groulx. A title that represents well the simplicity and the return to the sources of a mature humorist and at the top of his art. A show where Patrick allows himself to come back to the base and be the one he wants to be: an honest guy who loves people and who is more real than ever. This show is strongly suggested to an audience of 16 years and over - Patrick does not want to traumatize a new generation of children!

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