Patrick Watson

November 8 ,2019


Friday, November 8, 8 pm
Admission: $ 39 (adult) - $ 33 (student and +65 years old)
On sale: Wednesday, June 26, 9 am

Welcome to Watson's world, where musical moments are as demanding as comforting. His hard-earned lyrics are now guided through newly discovered psychedelic and soul influences, while left-field instrumentations and arrangements cover the beaten path and make this a rewarding and truly original statement. Without a doubt, Love Songs for Robots bears the indelible stamp of Watson and manages to create a work that is not only striking, daring and deeply personal, but also represents its creative zenith to this day. It is far too rare to see an artist who has the heart on his hand while never tired of the fight against cynicism and cruelty, but Watson and his group continue to hit the target.

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