Mont Chaudron


Le Mont Chaudron is a fascinating sight to contemplate and transports us to the Ice Age in a blink of an eye.

Mont Chaudron is an inselberg. It is composed mainly of 2.3-billion-year-old sedimentary rocks deposited by glaciers on a base of older volcanic and sedimentary rocks dating back 2.7 Ga billion years.

It is possible to see it when travelling west from Rouyn-Noranda, route 117 North, it can also be seen on the horizon from various view points of the diverse hiking trails, such as les sentiers Opasatica & les sentiers du lac Beauchastel La Randonne-Rit


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It is in the direction of Ontario Route 117 North, 19.5 km from the fork of route 101 (just before the Ontario border).

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Photo coucher de soleil : ©Mathieu Dupuis

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