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1675, avenue Larivière Rouyn-Noranda (Québec) J9Y 0G6

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Alice au Pays des Merveilles – Théâtre tout à trac

20 November 2022

Alice refuses to do her lessons. Preferring to play and daydream, she hides in her father’s library. Then a curious rabbit arrives, a great book nibbler. Trying to prevent the rodent from devouring all the books in the library, Alice chases the rabbit down the rabbit hole, discovering a fantastic world: Wonderland. Late for his appointment with the Queen of Hearts, the Rabbit leaves Alice in a hurry, but forgets his gloves, gloves that he absolutely must wear in front of the sovereign or he will have his head cut off. Desperate to save the Rabbit’s life, Alice sets out to find him and meets along the way strange and fascinating characters such as Humpty Dumpty the egg, a philosopher silkworm, the twins Twideuldeume and Twildeuldie, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and Sam the Snark Hunter, in this intriguing universe where rabbits are late and fights make good friends…


Price : $10

Start of the show : 3 pm

Tickets available starting Thursday, August 18th, 9 am.


Contact details

Théâtre du cuivre

145, rue Taschereau Ouest Rouyn-Noranda J9X 2V5

819 797-7133

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