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«Ma quarantaine» online at MA, musée d'art

Explore the My Quarantine section of the MA Art Museum website, online activities are waiting for you

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Festival Petits bonheurs - online

Petits bonheurs Abitibi-Témiscamingue is a cultural event brought to you by professionals from all over the region. It aims to make children aged 0 to 6 years old aware of the various artistic disciplines and to allow them to explore the world of creation.

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In the mid-1920s, discovery of copper and gold deposits in Northwestern Quebec resulted in an epic mining rush. Prospectors, followed by thousands of men and women, gathered there to work and live. Two neighbouring mushroom towns with many fundamental differences, Rouyn and Noranda, quickly came to life in the boreal forest, becoming populous and organized communities.

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The Festival des Guitares du Monde offers you an intimate series of 8 virtual meetings on its Facebook page from May 23 to 30, starting at 8 p.m. Les Rendez-vous des Guitares are performances with renowned artists who, each in their own way, made their mark on fans during their visit to the Festival des Guitares du Monde in Rouyn-Noranda. The quality of the performances, the diversity of musical genres and the international provenance of the artists are all there. The Festival's Facebook page offers a strong and daring program!

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L'Indice du Bonheur - online tour

Rouyn-Noranda has grown over the years into a creative and daring city known for its high happiness index. The audio-guide entitled "L’Indice du bonheur" is a journey into time. Follow two anthropologists who have come to the regional capital to understand where and how the seed of happiness has germinated. A total of 50 video capsules, divided into four tours of the city’s rural and urban neighborhoods, take you on an enlightening human experience built upon a rich, passionate and vibrant cultural and historical heritage.

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As Abitibi-Témiscamingue’s urban hub and regional capital, Rouyn-Noranda boasts an unrivaled cultural abundance. Through its diverse performing arts, music, theatre and visual arts scenes, Rouyn-Noranda embraces culture in its many forms. The city comes to life in its many festivals and major happenings. 

The city’s vibrant culture truly shines through leading events such as the World Guitar Festival, the Osisko en Lumière Fireworks and Music Festival, the Emerging Music Festival and the International Film Festival.

Just outside downtown, the area’s many landscapes and stunning vistas will awaken the senses. Topping the must-see list is Parc National d'Aiguebelle with its top-quality accommodation, Collines Kékéko, unparalleled cuisine and amenities like the Jardin Spa health center encourage you to discover, savor and immerse yourself in our city’s contemporary charm.