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13 December 2021

Play – In French

Gabriel is a young man dreaming of writing the first Aboriginal science fiction bestseller, while Corinne, of Jewish origin and fifteen years his senior, teaches Aboriginal literature at the university. That evening, without the shadow of a consultation, friends are invited to the couple’s table. But the guests at this party represent two social clichés at the extreme of each other: Gabriel’s radical aboriginal activist “chums” on the one hand, and Corinne’s environmentalist, vegetarian and veterinary intellectual friends on the other.
On the menu, like a satire of our irreconcilable cultural differences, moose meat and vegetarian lasagna. Everything is in place for the unfolding of this situational comedy.
After Muliats and Là où le sang se mêle, Menuentakuan Productions once again brings together Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to point out prejudices and to dynamite preconceived ideas. Ojibwe author Drew Hayden Taylor and the first-ever French translation of his play alterNatives give this bold collective the opportunity to break down predetermined roles and make theater a space for reconciliation.

Text: Drew Hayden Taylor
Translation: Charles Bender
Director: Xavier Huard
Cast: Geneviève Beaudet, Charles Bender, Violette Chauveau, Marco Collin, Stéphanie Héroux-Brazeau and Étienne Thibault.
Menuentakuan Productions

8 p.m.


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Théâtre du cuivre

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