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1675, avenue Larivière Rouyn-Noranda (Québec) J9Y 0G6

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Exhibition Anna Irina Russell « Lo que digo nunca es lo que digo sino otra cosa »

31 March to 24 April 2022

Launching: March 31, 2022

In the margin of a tangible, obvious, even shouting information, the unconscious communication, the residual and non-hegemonic message, is allowed. It is on these codes that slip under our noses, but which nevertheless infiltrate and accumulate in us and everywhere that the artist Anna Irina Russell bases her research. Behind the tree, the forest…
Mammals, plants and the cosmos communicate. Through the emission of waves, vibratory codes, or beams of light, the living talk. Sometimes, it is at its own peril that it emits signals, messages. As soon as the animal or the plant, whose primal needs, intrinsic to its survival, manifests itself, it places itself in a state of vulnerability by possibly attracting predators towards it. Anna Irina Russell captures these moments of acute tension.
Through stretchy materials, the surrounding indiscernible conversations are captured in stretchy envelopes, membranes that swell to the limit, to the overflow, to the overflowing. If the film holds, then congestion threatens, perhaps hemorrhage, worse, the external crisis.
– Text by Alexandre Castonguay


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